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The Viking Creed Series:
NASA sends three kids into space
on an experimental mission to the Moon, Mars & Beyond
armed with the Viking Creeds’ 100 rules to live love & fight by.

"Seek Something, Risk Everything"
"Søk Noko, Risiker Alt"
Rule No1 of the Viking Creed
The ancient Viking wisdom that inspired survival

A must for fans of NASA.

Space travel is under threat and NASA hijacks the world’s most addictive game to lure a team of 14-year-olds – founders of Groundswell, an adolescent environmental movement – for the most dangerous experiment of all. NASA’s renegade Building Nine is the setting as the agency entices the group’s leader, Runa Erikson, and her two conspirators from their isolated communities in Norway, the Scottish Highlands, and the Eastern Seaboard. Runa’s way of life near the North Pole is under threat from Russian mercenaries and she sees an opportunity for the Viking Creed to turn NASA’s plight to Groundswell’s advantage.
It's time for a Scandi Superhero

For a free sample of Building 9
Scottish Author addressing gaming addiction.
BUILDING 9: The Teen fiction experiment promoting gaming moderation.

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